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Yale Quick Opening Closures

The Yale Figure 500R was designed for larger diameter closure applications. Yale Figure 500R closures are machined with a bevel seat. The 500R design has a greater tolerance to lateral and diametric warpage. The bevel seat on the hub provides the operator an accurate stabbing section and reduces the risk for thread and seal damage.

All Figure 500R closures also have a minimum of 3" thread length for greater safety and mechanical sealing integrity. The Figure 500R design is available in sizes 16"- 48".

Yale Figure 500™ – 500R™ – 515™ – Design Features

Field Weldable Hubs

The Yale® closure hub is field weldable using welding instructions furnished with each closure. When attaching the closure hub to high-strength, thin-wall pipe, the O.D. of the hub weld bevel can be increased to compensate for the different Specified Minimum Yield Strengths (SMYS) as recommended in ASME B16.5, B31.4 and other pipeline codes. Thus, the standard Yale closure hub of SA 350 LF2 forged steel can be jointed to pipe having a SMYS of up to 1.5 times the SMYS of SA 350 LF2. Materials to match higher strength pipe are available on request.

Double Safety Protection

The most important feature of the Yale® closures is safety. Preventing serious injuries, or even deaths, is of primary concern to R&M Energy Systems. Pressure Alert Valves (PAVT), standard on 6" and larger closures, provide warning of internal pressure. Furthermore, the threaded design makes Yale closures among the safest in the industry. For example, if pressure was trapped behind the cap of a Yale closure, it would be extremely difficult to unscrew the cap because of the thread friction.

Pressure Alert Valve (PAV™)

A Pressure Alert Valve (PAVT) is furnished as standard equipment on all 6" and larger closures (may be purchased as an option on smaller sizes). The PAV is installed on the closure hub. A chain attaches the PAV stem to the closure cap (see photo below). Before the cap can be rotated, the valve stem must be removed from the PAV body. This action is designed to warn the operator of any residual pressure in the vessel before the closure cap is loosened. The PAV is NOT designed to function as a bleed down or blowdown valve.

How to order Figure 500™, 500R™ and 515™ Closures

To assure proper handling of your order, the following information must be provided:

  1. Maximum design pressure or ANSI rating and minimum and maximum design temperature.
  2. Design factor
  3. Maximum field test pressure.
  4. O.D., wall thickness and grade of material of the matching pipe.
  5. Type of hinge as determined by position of the installation:
    1. Horizontal -Horizontal hinges - Sizes 3"-14" are hinged on the left side (facing the closure) unless ordered otherwise. Larger sizes are hinged in the center and will swing to either side.
    2. Vertical -Vertical hinge
    3. Angle -Angle hinge (specify inclined or declined and degree of angle) refer to photo on pg. 4.
    4. Flanged -for bolt up applications.
  6. Service to determine proper O-Ring material. Use only factory replacement O-Rings.
  7. Specific codes or special material requirements applicable to the closure design.



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